How To Turn A Friend Into A Passionate Lover

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In today’s Mini Guide, I will share with you little-known SonicSeduction™ techniques that you can use to make a strong first impression on a woman.. and make yourself intensely desirable to her immediately.

First impressions are crucial in any encounter, whether you’re on a blind date or interviewing for a job.

When you first meet a woman for the first time and start a conversation, she pretty much decides within the first sixty seconds whether or not you are someone she’d be willing to form a romantic relationship with… or whether you’re more suited to be “just a friend”.

Remember this as you’re looking to turn a friend into a girlfriend. First impressions are absolutely critical!

She’s sizing you up the second you make eye contact. While you may be sneaking a peek at her breasts, or wondering whether she’s wearing a G-string under her jeans, HER mind is trying to determine if you’re possible boyfriend/husband material…

  • Are you safe to be with?
  • Are you physically healthy (an indicator that you’re capable of producing healthy offspring?)
  • Are you the kind of guy she can picture introducing to her friends, or bringing home to Mom and Dad?
  • Do you lead an exciting, active lifestyle… one that she’ll want to be a part of?
  • Do you have passions and ambitions?

(I’ll show you that the guy who projects these qualities can be WAY more attractive than the guy who’s already got a million dollars in the bank.)

These questions and others are racing through the back of her brain. And the female mind, within this first minute, is looking for reasons to say “NO” rather than “YES.”

(Don’t resent it — it’s a natural female defense mechanism. Instead, you’ve got to learn how to MASTER this challenge.)

And guess what…

Hot women have an even more finely-tuned radar, since they are constantly approached by the WRONG men.

Hot girls know that if they ALLOW a man to enter her personal space and start talking, he’s probably going to KEEP TALKING… and talking… and talking… until she is forced to come up with an excuse to get away from him.

(”I need to go find my friend,” is the most common excuse that women make.)

Turn A Friend Into Your Girlfriend – Here’s What To Do

So, in order to turn a casual friend into a lover, your first step is to always put yourself in HER shoes. Imagine this… if you were constantly being approached by guys who had ZERO game, and asked a bunch of intrusive questions, would YOU be receptive to them?

Of course not! You’d be looking to blow these guys off as fast as possible. And that’s why hot girls are absolute MASTERS at this!

So where does that leave you? You’re a regular guy who doesn’t want to annoy women. You just want them to give you a CHANCE.

You know that if women would just be RECEPTIVE to you, they would discover that you’re a nice, cool guy who they’d enjoy talking to.

But, like all guys, you HATE getting blown off. It sucks!

It’s got to be one of the worst feelings in the world… getting up the courage to walk up to a girl and introduce yourself, and she rolls her eyes and turns away from you.

Well, it’s time to put an end to that. I’m going to show you some absolutely incredible methods for getting women to LOWER their “force field” and allow you in. You’re in for a real treat.

Nailing The First Impression

In order to stay out of the friend zone and to get a woman to see you more as boyfriend material, it’s essential for you to DOMINATE the first 60 seconds.

You need to engage her in a fun, original, interesting conversation that makes her WANT to invest her time in you… even if she rolled her eyes at the last 37 guys who tried to talk to her.

First, some potential show-stoppers. Forget about trying to engage her in the usual, cliche small talk. (”So what’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Have you been here before?” etc.)

Why? Because these lame “job interview”-type questions paint you as JUST ANOTHER ORDINARY GUY.

Ordinary guys are SO easy for a woman to “read” (and hence boring)…

  • She KNOWS you’re interested in her.
  • She KNOWS you’re looking to get in her pants.
  • She KNOWS that you’ve got nothing interesting to talk to her about, and no VALUE to offer her…

And so, in that first 60 seconds, she’s TUNING OUT.

How do you get around this? What’s the secret?

One of my favorite techniques is the “Cold Read”. This is a great way to catch a woman off-guard and get her IMMEDIATELY interested in what you have to say.

Cold Reads also make you seem like an unusually perceptive, insightful person… you’re a guy who UNDERSTANDS her and RELATES to her.

By the way, this tactic is not exclusive to SonicSeduction™… in fact it is used all the time by palm-readers and “psychics.” You know how they can “size you up” within seconds, and tell you things about yourself that seem amazingly perceptive?

Well, they’re simply really good at using Cold Reads!

Here’s An Example…

You’re at a bar, and you observe a beautiful girl sitting alone. She seems like she has something on her mind, and she doesn’t look “open” to being approached.

So you walk up to her and you say:

“I can tell you’ve got something important weighing on your mind. You’re on the verge of making a pretty big decision, aren’t you?”

This will strike a chord with her 90% of the time, because on any given day, ALL of us are thinking about a decision we need to make. 😉

It might not be some huge life-changing thing, but we’ve ALL got decisions we are thinking about. (Especially if we’re sitting alone, having a drink.)

Chances are, she’ll perk up when you say this, and she’ll be struck by how perceptive you are.

She might offer to tell you about it. If she doesn’t, don’t ask. Just introduce yourself and start the conversation, using the techniques in our program. The best way to create initial interest is to use Fractionation, which is covered in detail by this video (click to watch – it comes up in a new window).

Then, a couple of minutes later, drop another Cold Read:

“Y’know, Melissa, I get the sense that a lot of people misjudge you. They assume you must be this cold, stand-offish person, but you’re actually a lot funnier and more sensitive than they realize.”

(This Cold Read is GREAT to use with beautiful women, since they feel that people are always judging them based strictly on their looks. Hot girls think people assume them to be “bitches” or unintelligent bimbos — but you’re looking deeper, and showing her you understand how she REALLY is.)

Once you’ve conquered the first 60 seconds, you’ll know how to engage her in an original and compelling conversation. You will also intelligently control the flow, which means these three things:-

  1. There are no awkward silences
  2. You never reveal things you shouldn’t (for example, stuff about your ex-girlfriends)
  3. You can feel that her attraction to you escalates, and not going down

And as you get her to share important personal details about herself (that builds the bond between you and her), you’ll also plant subconscious seeds in her mind that amplify her interest and attraction to you.

There’s a saying that in every person’s lifetime, they let at least one million-dollar opportunity pass them by. You’ll be the exception to this rule… and it all begins with the first 60 seconds.

It’s true, in order to turn a friend to be you girlfriend, it’s absolutely one of the trickiest situations you can ever find yourself in with a woman, you only have one chance to get it “right”, blow it, and you’ll never find yourself having another go at it again. Truth.

And if you’re like most guys who are desperately looking for ways to make sure that you NEVER again hear the “F” word… I’m talking about the ever dreadful and embarrassing “let’s just be friends”, “I only like you as a friend” lines from that one woman you’re madly in love with but just can’t seem to get no matter how hard you’ve tried, well, this will help you to easily and automatically take care of that:


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Derek Rake, SonicSeduction™ Lead Instructor