Mid Game Mastery: What To Do AFTER You Get Her Number?

From the desk of Derek Rake (derek@derekrake.com):

Today I am going to share with you a SonicSeduction™ “A To Z” blueprint on how to intensify attraction and create a strong emotional bond with a woman after you get her number.

Here’s a question from one of our clients Henry which was posted at DerekRakeHQ

My Answer To Henry:-

Holding off the first follow up after the first meeting might have worked for other guys… in fact, there are a lot of “Dating Gurus” preach a “cool-off” period of up to a week.

That’s a load of crap.

Why? Here’s something you should know about night interaction with attractive women…

If you don’t call immediately, she will forget about you.

A man must not shelf a woman’s number or wait too long to initiate the first contact.

The reason’s pretty simple. That’s because he risks a woman’s tendency to forget. Soon, she won’t remember the reasons why she gave you her number. And that’s bad news…

Worst of all, she wouldn’t remember whether or not she liked you in the first place. If a woman is a hot item and guys are always asking for her number, she might just assume you’re someone she met but never intended to date. Bad.

Given this, when do you think is the best time to follow up your fated meeting? A day? A couple of days? A week? A month? A whole year? The next blue moon?

Here’s the obvious answer to this problem…

Send her a text message before you even call her.

Warning. Your first few follow ups should not be phone calls. What you need to do is send your first text and wait for a reply. If your first message hits home, you can start communicating with her through text… while resisting the temptation to call her.

Look, I know a phone call is perhaps more convenient for you. Even in this day of text domination so many of us still can’t see the point of typing out shortened versions of regular words in a small screen to express our feelings when we have the means to call women and save time.

If you’re the impatient type, your choice of communication might not include text. After all, it could take her a few hours to reply, and you cannot wait that long…

But first, understand this.

If you met a girl while you were clubbing and you manage to get her phone number, she must have felt something for you at that moment to give you a way to contact her again after that night. Women in bars are extra cautious about giving away contact information. If she gave you her real phone number and her real name, you know you did something right.

Before you start patting yourself on the back over this minor success, you must understand that you could destroy everything by not understanding the major factor why she liked you enough to give you her number in the first place.

The rationale for this isn’t complex at all. In fact, it’s so simple a junior high student can explain it to you. In one word, let’s call it fantasy. This is something that all women like and gorge on regularly. Have you ever heard how some women want to marry their dream guys? How about the thing about soul mates and princes?

To illustrate this further, let me take you on a trip around your girl’s brain……and find out what exactly happened when she met you in the club that night…


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