Mid Game Mastery (Continued)

Believe it – a woman meeting a guy for the first time has a lot going on inside her head.

You need to understand what these things mean to you to really discover why receiving a phone call from you for the first time after your meeting isn’t a good idea.

For our purposes, let’s suppose her name is Stephanie, a twenty-three year-old, drool-worthy beauty, who went out with friends to a nightclub just for kicks.

She works as a clerk in an office somewhere and she likes to go out regularly to manage her stress and to get away from reality for a moment. As soon as she enters, she isn’t in her reality anymore. She’s carefree… and able to flirt on a whim with any guy she chooses.

Inside the four corners of the club, she meets men who iconifies her idea of a dream guy. In the room somewhere, she reckons that there’s a guy who can sweep her off her feet.

In this post-adolescent fairy-tale land, she hears lovely music and her blood rushes through her body together with adrenaline and excitement. Of course, the booze she consumed might have something to do with the euphoria she’s feeling.

The point is that she is so far removed from the boredom, toil and chores of her daily life when she meets you.

Because you looked the part, she thinks you’re the guy she wants to meet. If you’ve learned your rapport building techniques inside the three ShogunMethod™ Rapport Builder Modules, you started your conversation right by bantering with her, teasing her about what she’s wearing, and flirting with her until her face is suffused with color and her hands are shaking with anticipation.

In her head, she’s back in high school again, and having her first date with the guy of her dreams. You are slowly and steadily building up that fantasy inside her mind.

And so what happens next? The promise. She gives you her number and makes you swear to call her to meet up again some time. You were a hair-breadth away from seducing her completely, but you weren’t able to. “I’ll get her next time”, you think, as you stash her calling card away.

The whole shenanigan is as surreal for her as it was for you, and realizing this is important if you want to ever set the date up.

Because you don’t want her to forget about you or mistake you for someone else, you call her up in broad daylight Sunday morning while she’s still sleeping off her hangover.

A cell phone pealing loudly wakes her up… and she sees your name or your number on her cellphone’s screen.

Now here’s how it could all go HORRIBLY WRONG…

Three things immediately happen when you call:

  1. She remembers how she flirted with you the night before and she realizes to her horror that she even let you kiss her.
  2. She starts wishing she never gave her number to you. And,
  3. She promises herself she will never drink again.

The moment you call, she gets reminded of her activities from last night. She cringes, she goes into a panic as she feels the pressure of talking to you when she’s not ready. And that’s why she doesn’t answer the phone like the love stricken girl you flirted with in the night club last night.

You see, for the moment, the fantasy is over. She’s in her real world again, and you rudely reminded her that she did something she should be embarrassed about the night before.

Her inhibitions are up. Her logic has kicked in again. To her, you’re a part of her weekend fantasy… which doesn’t really belong in her cold reality.

Listen to me closely now… because this can make or break your success with women.


Let me reiterate: if you call a girl for the first time after your meet up, you’re subliminally forcing her to talk to you before she can deal with the fact that she is letting you invade her personal space outside the surreal dreamworld she weaved inside her mind during her night club frolic.

Because these things are running through her head at full speed, she will hesitate before talking to you because she might make another gaffe that she will regret later.

If this twinge of reluctance turns into full blown hesitation, you will never get her to answer her phone.

But if you send her a text message, she will reply. Why? Here are some benefits of text messaging that are bound to work to your favor…

  • “The letter romance.” Women like getting love letters. A message from you, no matter how short, is a letter to her.
  • You can edit, and re-edit, before sending. Texting gives you time to polish your messages, so that you don’t inadvertently tell her something that might sound creepy or weird.
  • You put the ball in her court. She doesn’t have to think on her feet to answer a question. She doesn’t have to worry that her voice cracks while talking to you. She doesn’t have to get anxious about sounding stupid. She can take her sweet time writing her response.

Text her as soon as you can to encourage her to remember her fantasy about you. Do it before the memory of your first meeting fades into oblivion. If I were you, I’d text the day after.

So, here’s what you need to do. In a nutshell, here’s the technique you can use to communicate with your girl through text:

(Sidenote: You can find a variation of this technique called the “Focus Shifter” inside ShogunMethod)

For instance, when you meet her in the club, you can tell her “Stephanie is a common name among girls. So what’s so special about Stephanie the girl I’m talking to now?”

Take note that this technique will also let you in on what you can tell her later to remind her that she shared that information with you. Note her answer because this is the one thing she wants you to remember about her.

This tactic works best while she’s entering her number into your phone book. Tell her to enter her description after her name when the prompt for contact name pops up on your cell.

Now, let’s go back to what you can text her the first time:

Your first text must be something related to what she told you was special about her. This instantly generates a sense of familiarity, and it will make her feel like you became close the night before that’s why she was able to share information about herself with you.

And if you do this, it will also seem like she won your approval because you thought she’s special. She will find herself thinking “oh he remembered what I told him” in sheer relief.

She feels relieved that you communicated with her again despite that she acted like she did the other night. In her head she’s still thinking that you might have gotten turned off by something she did, and contacting her again means she gained your approval somehow.

If you managed to attract her during your first meeting, this message will naturally make her respond…

…and when you have gotten her to respond, then it’s time to take it to the next level.

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Derek Rake, ShogunMethod™ Lead Instructor