How To Use “Attraction Presumption” To Make Her Fall In Love With You

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Do you know what women find attractive when it comes to choosing their partner?

Most men think that they need to have some material and physical traits in order to make women find them even remotely attractive…

…but tell you what, this isn’t exactly true, though. Let me explain.

If you listen in on conversations about men that women usually have, you’ll hear them talk about how Jude Law’s face is perfect, how great Ryan Reynolds looks without his shirt on, how rich Richard Branson is, or how famous Leonardo DiCaprio has become since Titanic days…

… however, a lot of women will still end up in bed (or in the church) with a man who has none of those attributes.

Have you ever wondered why this is so?

Well, the answer is remarkably simple: all of the attributes that women believe they seek in a man and all of the attributes that drive their subconscious to see men as a trophy have very little resemblance if any.

If you understand this, then attracting women becomes surprisingly easy

From the many years of observing the paradoxes of female behavior (as part of my work as a dating coach at DerekRakeHQ), I have developed a set of techniques to fully exploit the gap between what a woman think she wants, and what she actually wants.

Inside the core SonicSeduction™ course, I teach about a technique called “Attraction Presumption”. The full details of the technique is too long to be described here, but it can be summarized as follows…

When you are with a woman, assume that she already wants you from the start.

One of my SonicSeduction™ Insider students (Robbie’s the name) once dated a B-list Hollywood star. She was smitten by him no doubt… but she didn’t seem to be ready for anything further than holding hands and kisses on the cheek.

She would tell him, “I love you”, and he would say “I love you” back to her.

As much as Robbie believed he was being romantic, he apparently wasn’t.

So, during one of our coaching sessions, I advised Robbie to go completely off-script.

After Miss B-List Superstar told him she loved him, all he said was… “I know.”

To this day, whenever Robbie’s women hear him says the magical words “I know”, their hearts go wild with excitement – believe it.

Doesn’t that sound a little arrogant, though?

A little, sure.

But still, whenever men believe they are the trophy, women become hardwired to respond to them.

You might be wondering if this little technique works even if a woman doesn’t find you attractive at all.

Well, of course it does. Beliefs happen to be contagious. So, if you have a strong belief, women will follow suit and start believing in it as well.

Now at this point I want you to answer these two questions for me.

  • Do you ever dream being with a girl you’re crazy over… but don’t make a move because she seems to be completely out of your league?
  • Do you sometimes see girls you are interested in… but don’t do anything about it because you think you aren’t standing very high on the social ladder?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the two questions above, it is simply because you’re committing the CARDINAL SIN of seduction…

You do not believe you are a trophy to be won.

But don’t worry. The minute you start reversing this belief, you will have no trouble attracting women ever again.

Just think about going up to a woman that other men see as out of their league. Now, she may not find you attractive at first, but after a few minutes, she will start to touch you… maybe even kiss you… and in no time at all, she will take you home. 😉

This is what will happen if you start living life while believing you are a real trophy to be won over.

But Here’s The Kicker…

Take heed, though: you can’t simply say you’ll start believing this. Changing what you believe in happens to be more involved. Nobody says it’s an easy thing to do. I’m not one of those “Dating Gurus” who get your ego stroked with the “I’m OK, You’re OK” bullshit.

Instead, I’m going to give you the method you can use immediately to completely change your beliefs, and set you up for success.

Inside Modules 4, 5, 6 and 7 of SonicSeduction™, you’ll find Mind Conditioner audio based on scientifically-validated Brainwave Entrainment technology to condition your mind and “install” your new alpha male belief system. (Or click here to read stories about SonicSeducers who use the technology to achieve awesome results with women.)

In addition, you will find powerful tactics that will instantly change your self image… and turn you into a trophy that women will want to have (and jealously keep) for themselves.

In the rest of the modules, you will get a proper education on how to attract women – so you can push your women towards the path you want them to take.

It’s all inside SonicSeduction™ – the world’s first complete attraction “blueprint” designed to take you by the hand to “wire you up” with powerful techniques and technologies to trigger deep attraction in women. Really, there’s nothing else quite like it.

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