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This brand new SonicSeduction™ Mini-Guide features an aspect of seduction which is not talked much about elsewhere – Day Game.

But before that, let me ask you this…

Have you ever felt like there’s a lack of women in your vicinity? Think about it, you go to the malls but there are hardly any females around. The beach is empty and the food stalls around are full of men like you, looking around and wondering where the women have gone.

In a scenario like this, you might just end up thinking you can only meet women when you go to clubs. You might make the mistake of not honing your day game because you’re almost assured of meeting women in the clubs over the weekend anyway.

Heed this, my friend: as a Sonic Seducer, you should practice your flirting skills at every opportunity, and at every turn.

Don’t wait until the weekend to meet women. Make it a habit to think outside the box and get into your day game as soon as possible.

Now, in the scenario described above, you might be thinking “but there is hardly any woman around when I go out during the day”. The problem might be in your mindset. This isn’t uncommon for guys who are used to picking up women successfully in clubs.

In fact, most guys who are constantly surrounded by women in bars and during the night in club parties find it difficult to adjust during the day.

Here’s Something That “Dating Gooroos” Won’t Tell You…

One of the first things that I tell a new client in our exclusive SonicSeduction™ Insider coaching group is that his real game starts when he learns how to meet women during a regular weekday.

Think about it. You will have to get the alpha mentality going in broad daylight, and you will have to understand the concepts involved in cold approaching.

A cold approach differs from a regular approach in that you’re going to open a girl who isn’t expecting to be approached. In the clubs, women expect to be approached by men because it’s the usual thing in that kind of place.

In the grocery and in the malls, women don’t expect the same thing because everyone’s pretty much minding his or her own business. You’re going to have to put in extra effort to attract a woman who might be worrying over calorie count while browsing the veggies selection in the supermarket, or a girl who’s weighing the benefits of buying a new shampoo. 🙂

Inside the SonicSeduction™ package, I have devoted a full module on approaching women (Module 3: The Sonic Approach Formula), but here’s some simple tips that will get you started doing approaches the right way… the SonicSeduction™ way.

In short, there’s very little room for error if any at all. But thankfully, as far as SonicSeduction™ is concerned, you’ll cover all your bases if you follow these two Approach Rules:-

Approach Rule #1. Consider The Scenario. If it’s a bank, and she’s a teller, you only have 2 minutes tops to talk to her. In the park, a girl who’s just sitting around might be taking a break from her walk. In the coffee shop, she might be waiting for the traffic rush to subside before driving home. The SonicSeducer does his recon diligently.

Approach Rule #2. Give Her A Solid Reason To Stop And Respond. Smile and chat up a girl who’s crossing the street with you – by asking her to stay on the safe side (to your left or right) away from danger. You can also offer your umbrella to a woman who’s running for shelter during a sudden downpour, for example.

In public areas, your game must be calibrated enough for you to understand the women-friendly hot spots in these places. Calibration is described at length inside Modules 4 and 6 of SonicSeduction™, and is outside the scope of this Mini Guide.

There are so many men hanging around malls for a few hours, waiting for a girl to pass by the benches or coffee shops. Don’t make the same mistake. Although coffee shops are great for meeting women, those located inside the mall are usually frequented by women who are laden with shopping bags or are just hanging out for their afternoon coffee rush before hitting the department store to look for things to buy.

Shopping is a serious business for women so you won’t find them dawdling for extended periods of time in a place where there are cute, shiny items to browse, and bargains to avail of.

The SonicSeducer Goes To Where The Action Is

Instead of walking around with no apparent destination, the Sonic Seducer thinks of the most logical places where women are likely to hang out.

For practice, pass by the perfume section and look for new releases. Approach a friendly sales clerk and ask for the difference between the new perfume and the old collection. Listen intently and try to memorize as much detail as possible.

You see, this information will come in handy when it’s time to chat up a girl who’s browsing the perfume lines and eyeing the promotional poster of the new perfume. Don’t try to be technical with your explanation. Just tell her you’ve seen the new item and it smells like spring flowers, your favorite candy, a Sunday roast, or whatever makes your eyes sparkle while you’re talking to her.

Don’t worry too much about what jojoba is or how coco oil differs from coco milk. Women on the whole don’t expect men to know a lot about these things, that’s why it’s perfectly acceptable if you adopt a confused look while reading the ingredients of each herbal item.

Chances are, the women who will be browsing with you know more about the benefits of papaya soap than you, so you can use that as a conversation starter or the reason to approach (see SonicSeduction™ Approach Rule #1 above).

Once you have approached her and got her to talk to you, waste no time: immediately use the Fractionation technique in the conversation to build deep rapport.

(If you have missed the earlier content on Fractionation, or need a quick revision, click here for the video)

You should also calibrate your general body language and tonality. There’s no blaring music in the background so you have to keep your voice low and hushed when you’re talking to a girl (particularly in the bookstore or a public library).

The best ways to make sure you meet MORE women on an ordinary day depends on how creative you are, and how in tune you are with a woman’s everyday activities. Imagine how it is to be a woman who wants to spend the day outside with her friends or shopping alone.

And of course, it will help if you find a few gal pals who can clue you in on what’s hot in femaleville, but for the most part, you are going to have to rely on your own gut as a SonicSeducer to brainstorm how to locate the exact locations where you can meet more women during the day.

You will need to put in quite an effort to do this, or, if you want a quick shortcut, get the SonicSeduction™ home study course if you haven’t done so already.

Inside the course, I break down the step-by-step how you can use a wide combination of tactics to compel a woman (on a subconscious level) to be attracted to you. Master these techniques… and you will control your destiny with women.

And this is only a small part of the whole system… you will also be getting a “no-holds-barred” approach on seducing women that nobody would even dare to publish. These are the stuff that I have to hide inside the DerekRakeHQ membership site (which you have access to if you’re a SonicSeduction™ student) because the content can get pretty controversial.

Also for that reason, it’s important for me to be sure that you won’t misuse the techniques inside SonicSeduction™ – because the danger is real…

There have been fringe cases within the underground seduction communities where such techniques are used to inflict emotional distress on women. And for this reason, it’s my moral and legal duty to ensure that the people I train are NOT inclined to harm women in any way.

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