Body Language Attraction Secrets That Most Men Don’t Know

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Here is the indisputable fact about dating and attracting women that not many know want to talk about – girls pursue men who act like “The Prize”.

This could mean anything from showing her that you’re a catch to sending body language signals that tell her she’s going to have to try harder to get you to notice her.

You can make a woman prove herself to you by not leaning your body to accommodate her. For example, a man who’s way taller than a woman can lean back to get her to talk louder.

When he tries too hard to accommodate her (by leaning in to hear her better) she will get the impression that he isn’t a prize and she is. It means the man wants her more than she wants him, and this could kill sexual attraction fast.

Sexual body language works to make a woman aware of you as a man she wants to hook up with. Take a confident guy who has women wanting him from all corners of the room. He doesn’t need to pursue any girl because they come swooping in to get him to notice them.

When you lean in, the woman perceives your need to get her to notice you, and that’s not going to increase her attraction. Women want things they can’t have… including a sexy, virile guy who everyone else wants.

If she talks softly, force her to move closer by cupping your hand over your ear, or telling her “I can’t hear what you’re saying”. If a woman retaliates by complaining and saying she can’t hear you, you can joke “next time, I’ll bring a megaphone”.

Some women react badly and force you to lean to hear what they’re saying, but don’t take the bait. She will do away with the pout soon enough and strain to talk to you by going on tiptoe, if that’s what she needs to do to make you listen to what she has to say.

Understand that the objective is to make her react to your body language, and not the other way around. You want her to think that she has to win your attention.

When she does the nonverbal actions to convey her interest, her manner of speaking, her subsequent actions and even her thoughts will synchronize to point to one thing and one thing only… that you are the prize she wants to win that night.

The Original SonicSeduction™ 4-Step System To Get Her To Kiss You… Using Body Language Tactics

Here’s a more advanced tutorial on how to use sexual body language to attract a girl. (Sidenote: This is a shorter, simplified version of the full method available inside Module 11 of SonicSeduction™ on using advanced body language to create deep emotional rapport with a girl.)

This technique is something you can do even when you’re in a bar or a disco pub. Why? Because the loud noise of the bar will work for you.

If a woman does not see you as a prize yet, this technique will change her mind.

Step #1: You see her looking at you, hanging on to your every word and smiling in response to what you’re saying. She’s standing only a foot away. You can smell her cologne and you can almost feel her soft skin on yours.

This is the part where most men mess up. They simply lose sight of their intentions and start showing sexual reactions themselves. Bad, bad move.

Here’s how it can then backfire. She might just think you’re coming on to her “too fast” and run away. I’ve seen enough men mess this up by grabbing the girl, or fidgeting.

Even worse, they show subconscious sexual responses so strong that the women get turned off (i.e. pulling her close and rubbing his lower body on hers before she’s ready for that).

You have to keep still while she closes in. Don’t get excited yet, and continue talking like nothing monumental is happening.

Step #2: As her interest heightens to a feverish pitch, lower your voice so she has to lean to hear you. You will see her stepping closer and straining to hear what you’re saying.

Step #3: When she offers you her ear, you whisper what you’re saying and she will still be listening on, captivated. At this point, your lips are almost touching her ear, and your breath is making shivers run up and down her spine.

She will start to wonder if you’re kissing her ear or not, but you’re talking about some mundane thing so maybe it’s unintentional. She knows for sure it feels good, though, so she will keep listening to you (and enjoying the lip play on her ear).

Step #4: In one fluid motion, move your lips from her ear to her lips and give her a lingering kiss…

And what do I mean by lingering? Usually this lasts for 1.5 minutes tops, and starts out softly and gently.

Give just a hint of tongue unless she opens her mouth and goes all out. If this happens, give her a pretty hot French kiss, the kind that takes her breath away, and then pull away slowly. Take note that you’re still holding her, so you can bring your lips back to her ear to talk softly to her again.

The kiss might shake her… and importantly, make her realize that she kissed you because she thinks you’re the prize.

The aftermath of the kiss is just as important as the events that led up to it. Continue talking in a soothing manner and your hands must be caressing her back or arms.

When she’s relaxed again you can gaze deeply in her eyes and look for signs that she wants another kiss; a parted mouth, a dewy look or a pair of hands holding your face close.

The point is you made her realize a lot of things, the main thing being “you turn her on”.

OK, So Here’s The Deal…

I may not have an idea of the type of women you may be attracted to, nor do I know your preferences but this is what I know…

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However, I must preface everything with this warning…

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